The only cooperative marketplace for digital display advertising

        The only cooperative marketplace for digital display advertising

Brilig is the first cooperative data marketplace for online advertising that enables buyers and sellers to trade reach and relevance, and leverage lift opportunities on an open and transparent platform. Learn More

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Brilig Exclusive features

Brilig data marketplace

Buy or sell in the only cooperative and transparent marketplace for online advertising audience data. Read more.

Brilig reach report

Need more reach? Our Reach Report can find the segments you need to "out-reach" your competition. Read more.

Brilig lift report

Find and buy the segments that will increase your online advertising campaign performance by 100% to 1000%. Read more.

10,000 hard to find segments

Brilig has data from over 50 sellers. Many segments have never been available online before. Read more.

Download the Brilig Overview

Our two page overview explains the key benefits of Brilig and how our solution works. Download

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